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We are Kingpin Cards

Kingpin Cards is a company set forth to revolutionize communication.

What is the issue with old business cards? The current problem with business cards is that they are one use, and they will "spoil" when exposed to a modicum of moisture. Not to mention recipients of old business cards have to type out the information on the business card into a contact on your phone.

Our solution? I'm glad you asked, we have invented a new kind of card that contains an embedded NFC tag. In this way you can have not only a more robust card that will last you your entire life, but you can save time and save contacts easier than ever.

What do we offer? Although we are still in our startup phase, we are still willing to serve our customers in any way we can. This includes:

  • 2D Logo Creation (SVG, PNG)
  • 2D Card Creation (SVG, PNG)
  • 3D Card Creation (STL)
If you are interested in any of these please email us at Mail@KingpinCards.com

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